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Training should be an integral part of your staff development plan and budget. Training will reduce staff frustration and make the difference between success or failure of your technology investment. Staff training to effectively utilize the features of your state of the art software suite is by far your most important investment.

Whether you're implementing medical, radiology, pharmacy or our IPA software, the success of your implementation solution depends on information your professional staff have at their fingertips.  AIM”s Training is a combination of several different learning approaches to offer customized on demand low cost training when and where you need it.  

Our Training combines several learning methodologies and tools to provide you with an experience equivalent to one on one hands on training environment. To ensure minimal downtime during implementation, we have designed our implementation and training processes to be accommodating to practices of all sizes.

Training documentation is updated as needed to reflect changes in features and benefits of the software program upgrades.  Materials are accessible from our website.

Remote Online Training

We begin the training process with online training. Online Training is designed to deliver the quality of one-on-one hands on training for the price of a classroom seminar training. Online training can be your most effective training option when preparing for your initial implementation or after use for quick review of new features or areas not always used immediately.  Online training was designed to help  train either a single staff member or multiple staff from multiple locations. Training sessions are topic driven and each session is recorded then accessible for downloading from a secure ftp. 

Using various internet tools, training is performed over the internet usually in 1 to 2 hour sessions allowing time for the end user to practice and implement what they have just learned. We begin with an overview, then proceed with basic training followed by super user training to ensure our customers are comfortable with their new software.

Remote training is spread out over days to weeks with the focus on individuals and the areas of importance for their optimum job performance. This allows the end user to learn, use, learn more and use more all in smaller doses reducing mental melt down.

Why you should train using the Online Training with 0% Travel, 100% Convenience, and 100% Relevance, there are plenty of reasons to go Online.

Video Training

With the use of short video scripts focusing on specific areas of the software, the end user can watch and review areas of interest right from their computer workstation. Video scripts run from 3 to 20 minutes depending on materials covered. The success of the video training is tremendous in that it allows the viewer to repeat as needed.

Much like AIM’s online training, video training requires no travel time with the convenience of rapid deployment of effective training to your workstation desktop on demand.

Onsite Training

Onsite training, we refer to as “Go Live”  is performed at your office using your hardware, software and patient data. Training is customized to the Practice specialty and workflow. Onsite training is very intense, therefore we ask that you reduce the volume of patients normally seen, and that staff members in training not be expected to perform any other tasks the day of training. Our goal and focus is to prepare you and your staff for full and complete use of the  program you have invested in, without distractions.

Prior to onsite training, online training must be completed. Also you will be provided with a check off list which including information vital for a successful onsite training.

Remote Project Management

Beginning immediately after "Go Live" your Project Manager will setup an online meeting schedule to discuss the progress of your practice with your new software. Weekly meetings are recommended for the first few months. This is followed with bi-monthly. The focus of the meetings is to address any issues such as additional training requirements. This method allows AIM to be pro-active rather than re-active. Our goal is to ensure you are a satisfied client.