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Improving the Business of Healthcare - Provinding Excellernt Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years
SuiteMed IMS Medical Software, Pharmacy Software, IPA Software, Radiology and Management Software, are designed using the latest technologies with the goal of helping you increase revenues, decrease overhead costs and give your staff more time for patient care.

User-friendly and flexible, these solutions are scalable and customizable to meet your workflow patterns. All softwares require some implementation and training time, to ensure you can get your new systems up quickly it is necessary to allot the recommended required time for this important task.

SuiteMed IMS
A fully integrated, HIPAA compliant Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record software suite for single and multi-physician facilities. Designed by our seasoned team of health professionals and software engineers.
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IPS Intelligent Pharmacy Software
A comprehensive solution for retail and closed door pharmacies with multi-site capabilities. Designed through the collaborative efforts of pharmacists, the software was created to improve work flow efficiency, reduce billing process time, and provide the pharmacists with the ability to perform tasks and access data within one click.
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Radiology / Imaging Centers
Intelligent Radiology Management Software (IRMS)
A solution that enables single and multi-site imaging centers to go paperless while maintaining centralized scheduling and billing. Designed for ease of operation, with simple, intuitive features, the system is highly customizable to support user preferences. Interfaces with any HL-7 compliant product.
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Intelligent Physicians Association (IPA)
Intelligent Physicians Association (IPA)
The objectives for the Pay for Performance (P4P) incentives and incentives developed by health plans are focused on driving the cost of providing care down and to keep the quality of care at the highest level possible. Reducing the number of brand drugs prescribed, patient''s health maintenance for patients with chronic diseases (COPD, HBP, Diabetics, etc.), hospital days, emergency room visits and the patient satisfaction levels are a few of the indicators being measured today.
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