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Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years
Intelligent Pharmacy Software [IPS] is a comprehensive solution for both retail and closed door pharmacies. The software was designed through the collaborative efforts of two pharmacists with over 20 years of experience in the industry combined. The software was created out of the need to improve workflow efficiency, reduce billing process time, and provide the pharmacists with the ability to perform tasks and access data within one click. The final product, IPS, addressed all the issues faced by the founders and quadrupled their efficiency. Rather than being swamped by stacks of paperwork and slowed down by inflexible software, IPS allows pharmacies to spend more time with their patients.

IPS is the ideal solution for your pharmacy. Not only will you cut down on operational costs, but you will increase customer care, allowing you to save money and make your staff and patients happier.
Keep Your Information Safe & Secure
Complete patient demographics
Maintain credit accounts
Assign multiple payers / scan insurance cards
Link patients to facilities and auto-populate common patient and facility demographics
Patient / facility reminders for deliveries or tasks
Maintain default packaging preferences
Web interface for physicians to order, change or discontinue prescriptions
Track tapered and special dosages
Assign PRN, Chronic or Other status to prescriptions
Log medication changes and discontinued medications
Inform facilities of medication changes
Quickly obtain chronological prescription history
Scan & link original prescriptions to entered prescriptions
View scanned prescriptions at time of checking
SIG entry in multiple languages
Packaging and Checking
Fill medication packs while viewing patient chart on computer
Obtain status of medication packs through fill, check, and delivery process
Check filled packs while viewing patient chart on computer
Filled medication quantities linked to auto billing
Print professional MAR's with current medication information in seconds
Delivery Module
System allows delivery of checked packages only
Track deliveries of filled packs
Enter multiple deliveries from the check screen and then batch them by delivery person
Collect signatures on Pocket PC on delivery slips
Auto-reconcile the deliveries or manually scan in the delivery slips
Log COD payments & delivery mileage
Bill prescriptions automatically based on days supply, quantity billed, and pills remaining in patient bottle
System batches claims to minimize claims transmission charges
Quickly generate TARs (prior authorizations)
System automatically populates DUR rejection overrides & corrects and re-sends claims
Enter PAs directly from rejected claims screen
Approve PAs directly from fax received screen
Receive and send faxes electronically from multiple fax lines
Link faxes to patients or to specific prescriptions
Edit received faxes and resend without printing
Directly enter approved refills from fax received screen
Doctor Calls
Track status of doctor calls on computer
Automatically fax refill requests to doctors
Employee productivity reports
Most used drugs by oral solids, by number of doses, number of pills and/or times of dosing
Insurance by number of patients, number of Rxs and/or dollar volume
Most used drugs by patients, number of Rxs and/or dollar volume plus many more reports