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Patient Portal
SuiteMed's Patient Care Portal is a web-based Portal allowing your patients to easily, safely and securely review their information, make request to your office, receive practice to patient communications, receive health alerts, view patient education materials, all over the Internet.

How does this work?
A secure web server is placed either in your office or remotely and linked to your SuiteMed IMS database. Each patient is given a unique secure password that allow them to log into the system to access their private set of documents.
Convenience factor:
The Patient Portal provides patients 24 x 7 access to their medical information from the comfort and privacy of their home or office. With SuiteMed's Patient Care Portal, practices have faster and timelier interaction with the patient. SuiteMed’s Patient Care Portal allows practices to STOP playing “phone tag” with patients. Allows practices to be informed and pro-active with their patients.
Efficiency factor:

Using SuiteMed’s Patient Care Portal, patients can more easily provide updated demographic and insurance information. Patients can request an appointment PLUS input current medical history information. This means your office now knows the symptoms / reason the patient is requesting an appointment.
Patients can view past prescription information and request refills without calling the office.
The Patient Care Portal allows patients to view lab / diagnostic results in a timely manner. Patients can also receive important messages to and from the doctor or nurse,

Better Patient Care

Quality of care and disease management is a critical part of providing superior care to your patients. SuiteMed’s Patient Care Portal provides an effective tool for getting patient healthcare assessments done. Your healthcare assessments can be placed on the patient portal allowing patients the ability to complete the assessments at their convenience.

Healthcare Reminder message are available to your patients thru the patient portal.

Important medical education materials can be made available on the patient portal allowing patients to view and print.