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IT Management Services
Office Online With  AIM Services'  IT Management Service
AIM's IT Management Service provides clients access to their software and data which they have purchased via AIM's server and data center. This affordable monthly support service includes:
Technical Support
Virus Protection
Firewall Security
Secure Remote Access
Data Storage and Backup
AIM Services manages your entire network by coordinating application updates, managing security fixes and adding new users, which eliminates the need to invest in costly infrastructure and internal management. Customers can access the network via the Internet with thin client software. AIM's IT Management Service model streamlines your network and gives you access to the latest advancements in technology.
Standard Offering
Data/File server centralized storage
Data storage and backups
Microsoft Windows client licenses
Full Virus Protection
Full Internet/Network Firewall Security
All back end file servers (eliminates file servers at customer locations)
Proactive system monitoring, helpdesk and support
Access to your system from ANY location via the Internet
Desktop Standardization throughout the organization
Cost Savings
Reduces external IT network support costs
Eliminates internal "firefighting" of erroneous system and application errors
Reduces internal staff support time
Eliminates security and virus threats and costly downtime
Ensures proper software licensing
Eliminate upgrades of servers and storage
Refocus on core business