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Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years Improving the Business of Healthcare - Provinding Excellernt Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years
Optimize our All-In-One Solutions to meet your operational needs. :
Our installation process starts with a highly experienced installation team and encompasses the following essential skill sets: project management, applications expertise, interface design/build, and technical engineering. This array of skills ensures that we fully understand your business needs and technical environment, and can assist you in optimizing the product(s) to meet your operational needs.

Our comprehensive installation methodology is designed to follow a proven pattern, yet be flexible to meet the schedule and resource needs of our clients. The primary activities of the installation include:

Sell of the product(s) is only the first step of many. Your Project Manager organizes all activities from the initial project introduction call and introduction presentation, all the way through to our formal transition call with our Client Support Team. Throughout, your assigned Project Manager is scheduling resources, holding regular project teleconferences, and providing meeting minutes and issues lists.

Our technical team works with your IT department to install our software product in preparation of utilization. Our technical team is well versed in the interface requirements for most third party systems and our interface specifications are clear. Our Installation Specialists have in in-depth knowledge of our products as well as the complexities and variety of workflow practices that exist. Through the accumulated knowledge of our teams, we can offer clients recommendations for how to configure our Software Suite products for optimal use in their environment.

Our clients are empowered to administer and tailor our applications as their business processes or needs change in the future. Throughout the project, our technical engineers and Installation Specialists are working to ensure your Software Suite product(s) provide the best return on investment in your specific operational environment.