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Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years
About Suitemed MD

SuiteMedMD website was designed to provide AIM Services medical clients and potential customers detailed information about SuiteMed IMS Electronic Medical Records/Practice Management Software Suite.

Starting in 1996, AIM Services began providing affordable technology solutions to HealthCare Practices large and small. With over ten years of experience on the forefront of Medical Practice Management Systems and Electronic Medical Records experience, rest assured your practice will operate at peak efficiency.

We offer fully integrated Hardware and Software solutions continuing to add an extensive array of name-brand computer Hardware and Software products and Services. Our fully intergrated Software Solutions include  SuiteMed IMS and  IRMS,  all of which are fully integrated All-In-One Solutions for Practices of all sizes.

We offer the best of both worlds, providing true technical competence and proven business know-how to address the needs of HealthCare Practices in many different specialties. Whether your needs call for dozens of locations with multiple Providers communicating via a wide area network or a single office Practitioner, we''ve got you covered.

AIM Services provides clients with expert knowledge in the following areas:
Integrated Electronic Health Record
Exceptional Web-based Communications Portal
Comprehensive Practice Management
Electronic Prescribing
Bi-directional Electronic Lab Interface Options
Flexible Healthcare Documentation
Secure Access
Information Assembly
Information Utilization
Regulatory Compliance
SuiteMed IMS is designed to deliver operational efficiencies:
Improving reimbursement
Enabling information availability
Assuring information accuracy
Expediting clinical decision making
Improving patient care
Fostering communications
Leveraging current technologies
Compensating for Business and IT staff shortages
Maintain Regulatory compliance
Ensuring patient safety and reducing medical errors
SuiteMed IMS  provides:
Functionally-rich modules that provide a clear, powerful, and sensible path to a fully automated, electronic medical record environment
Solutions based on out-of the-box standard, open technology that allow you to capitalize on your investments in hardware, software, and staff knowledge
Scalable, system-wide capabilities
Expert work-flow and integration
Focused, professional customer support and implementation services
SuiteMed IMS combines in-depth knowledge of healthcare processes, system installations, and training, with the most comprehensive range of solutions, support, and services available.
SuiteMed IMS: The Choice for your Organization

Built for Production
SuiteMed IMS solution boost the effectiveness and productivity of your organization. Each solution is designed by healthcare professionals to meet real-world priorities and solve real-world problems. Seamless integration ensures that data is entered only once at the primary source and used to throughout your entire organization. The knowledge and flexibility built into each SuiteMed application allows facilities to maximize their productivity in the shortest amount of time.

Standard Technology
AIM Services is committed to delivering the best value to customers through powerful systems that use today''s standard and most reliable technology. We provide HIPAA-enabled, CCHIT Certified, Meaningful Use Certified Microsoft® Windows® -based systems. In addition, SuiteMed IMS employs Sybase and other databases to ensure the highest degree of flexibility and access.

Implementation and Support Services
At  AIM Services, client satisfaction is our number one priority. To ensure complete, customer-focused service,  AIM provides thorough and flexible implementation, training, and customer support services. Implementation and training is provided by experienced and knowledgeable staff members. 

AIM Services provides comprehensive customer support. You and your staff will be able to contact an AIM technical support person using our toll free phone number, or gotoassist  Monday thru Friday, direct online and/ toll-free telephone support. All clients enrolled in AIM Service's support programs receive software upgrades and enhancements at no additional cost.

Additionally, AIM offers top-of-the-line implementation and technical services, including: new system development, implementation across multiple facilities, pre-integration testing, data conversions, data pre-population, and interface development.

Our staff is available to help clients achieve their goals, work more effectively and efficiently, and maximize their investment in SuiteMed IMS solutions.

In this turbulent environment, healthcare organizations need a sound business partner with solutions to streamline financial operations while improving patient care. AIM Services will be there, providing superior solutions and effective support to the success of your entire organization.

For additional information about our products and company, please contact us at 800.275.1353