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Improving the Business of Healthcare - Providing Excellent Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years Improving the Business of Healthcare - Provinding Excellernt Services to The Heathcare Industry for over 10 Years
Practice with 2 physicians using paper charts and computerized scheduling / billing software switch to SuiteMed software solution in 2006.
This program has continued to grow and improve as the technology expands. Compared to other local physicians who are using other EMRs ours has tremendously better graphics and functionality. I am happy to have purchased this product 
Janet Alvarado M.D
Highland, Il.
Practice with 4 providers using electronic medical records with interface to computerized scheduling / billing software switch to SuiteMed with implementation time of 4 weeks.
We switched from Medinotes to SuiteMed and have been very pleased! The fax server has streamlined our paper flow, the ease of creating a note is such an improvement over our previous EMR, the My Task is an awesome way for our office to communicate and the implementation team brought everything together quickly and efficiently.
Kathy Aguilar, Office Manager
Pediatric Digestive Care
Multi-specialty practice with approximately 20 providers and multiple locations outsourcing their billing and strictly paper based upgrades to SuiteMed.
We started the end of 2008 with billing only, then progressed to computerized scheduling, patient workflow, faxing, reminders and task followed by implementation of a selective group of providers. We are now in the final phase of provider implementation and anticipate the paperless office to be a reality for our organization of over 70 staff shortly.  SuiteMed is a powerful program and customizable to meet not only the needs of our multi-specialty practice, but also the various computer skill sets of our personnel.   Add to that the continued support of the implementation team, we feel confident of meeting our goals and our ability to continue to grow our business.
Cynthia Summers
IT Director at SRH / SheTechs